Friday, April 16, 2010

Slipping Mother Goose a Mickey

It's not often that someone asks if the monstrosity on my decorating stand is a bald, naked Mick Jagger. It's even less often that I am able to answer in the affirmative. However, recently this was the case. The monstrosity in question was a nursery Rhyme themed cake. The specific subject was the rhyme about Jack who must be both nimble and quick in order to jump over the candle stick.

Having been born to the generation that can't hear Jump and Jack in the same sentence without immediately thinking of  Jumpin' Jack Flash (the song, not the film), I naturally cast Mick Jagger as my not-so-nimble Jack.

The rhyme doesn't actually say that there is a candle in the candle stick let alone a burning candle but in my mind there is always a candle in the candle stick and it is always burning. So, my Jack who happens to be Mick is getting a bit singed because he doesn't quite clear the candlestick. Not to worry, there is a fire extinguisher and a washtub of water (which is actually poured sugar).

I was concerned about achieving a decent likeness and I felt that in order to get the right look Mick had to have a tongue. I'm both happy and sad with the result. I really liked the tongue but it is barely visible in the mouth. It creates the look I wanted but I also want people to be awed and amazed by the tongue but it sits far too unobtrusively in Mick's mouth.

The cake is decorated to look like an old and worn volume of Mother Goose rhymes on which Jack's trampoline, candlestick, fire extinguisher and washtub are arranged. The cake board is intended to resemble an old desk with graffiti scratched into its surface.

The graffiti includes such gems as, "Humpty Dumpty was pushed," "Your mother lives in a shoe," and as a nod to my friends at Cake Wrecks, "Nuts Allergy."


  1. Very cool. By the way, I went to send a friend a link to your gallery and the photos had all disappeared. Are they coming back?

  2. I sure hope so. I think I'm juggling too many versions of the gallery and I was careless and didn't forward link the old to the new.

    It should be here:

    Sorry for the bait and switch.
    And thanks for the proofreading of my pages awhile back!